Writing and other difficulties in communicating in foreign languages

When I started this blog, almost four months ago, I was really excited about it. I thought it would be an easy thing to do and that people were gonna start reading it and sharing it really fast. Turns out I was wrong. First of all, English is not my mother language an even though I’ve been learning it and speaking it for a long time I’ve realized that I actually have a lot of issues (on grammar and spelling) when trying to  express my thoughts in written.  I guess I was a little presumptuous about my English skills, so when I read my first article published in Travelicious and realized how bad written it was, I felt embarrassed and I quit my blog.

Today,  after giving it a lot of thought, I’ve decided to start blogging again. My writing skills won’t get any better if I just stop practicing and I’ve never thought of myself as a quitter. So, I will begin to post about my trips, even if it takes a while for people to read my blog and even I make mistakes while doing it. Please forgive me if you find a lot of them.

If you are a wanderer, like I am, I hope this blog is useful for you.



One thought on “Writing and other difficulties in communicating in foreign languages”

  1. Andrea, esa es la actitud que se requiere para triunfar: la humildad de reconocer el error, las expectativas que uno se formula a la ligera y el coraje de volver a empezar y mejorar y volver a empezar hasta lograr lo que quieres. Estoy segura que tus escritos en ingles serán mejores cada vez no sólo porque estarán mejor escritos sino porque despertarán la curiosidad de otros, la imaginación y el conocimiento. Te felicito… I’m so proud of you

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