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New Orleans in a Rush

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Traveling to a new place is always exciting, specially if it is a place like New Orleans. Now, you might be wondering what New Orleans is like. New Orleans, the city of jazz music, voodoo and cajun cuisine, is the result of the encounter of many cultures, it french, spanish and african roots have created a marvelous landscape of contrasts, in which music, gastronomy and architecture are main characters. Besides, it is located in the Mississippi’s delta. This river one of the largest and must stunning rivers of the world and it’s great, changing delta is an unique landscape.


Both New Orlean’s natural and cultural characteristics make it an unique city to visit. In such a diverse and incredible destination there are a lot of places to go to and many things to do, so it can be difficult to plan which to visit, specially if you do not have a lot of time. If you are interested in traveling to New Orleans, but you have no clue where to go, what to it or what to do there, I invite you to read my article New Orleans In A Rush: Where To Go When You Are Short On Time in travelicious.world. There, you’ll find info on the attractions, food and beautiful places I tried or visited during my short time in NOLA.